Poppy recently had the pleasure of working with full-time fashion student and part time model, Myu Weyan, on our most recent Tokyo photoshoot.

Poppy sat down to chat with Myu, who has a lot to share about her life living in Tokyo, career motivations, favourite past-times and must-try spots if you are in the city.

  • A weekend outing at the Hakone Open Air Museum (feat. the famous fried egg plastic sculpture).

  • BTS from the recent Tokyo shoot, shot in Nakano Broadway - featuring our Tay Tay Luxe handbag.

  • Shooting in the neon lit streets of Akihabara - our Ketyl Sunglasses in the spotlight.

Poppy: If you had a friend coming to visit Tokyo for the first time and you had to show them around for 1 day where would you take them? 

Myu: I would take them to Hakone to soak in a hot spring and then we would spend the afternoon relaxing at Asakusa Temple.

Poppy: Favourite fashion boutique in Tokyo?

Myu: I usually go to Isetan in Shinjuku as it’s close to my university/school but if I want to go vintage shopping I’ll go to Koenji. 

Poppy: What is your favourite/go-to meal in Tokyo?

Myu: Pork chops and soup curry.

Poppy: What is your favourite animal?

Myu: Dogs!

Poppy: If you had unlimited money and could own piece of art in the world what would it be?

Myu: Lots of different strange vases from around the world.

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  • Shooting with the Tay Tay Luxe at the recent shoot.

  • Exploring the streets of Japan.

  • Pretty in pink with the Snapper Spike.